VR Furballs - Demolition

Mixed Reality

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VR Furballs - Demolition is fully compatible with LIV to let you make awesome Mixed Reality videos.

VR Furballs + LIV Tips

Here are a few tips to get your Mixed Reality videos right:

- The Graphics Quality does not apply to the LIV video. To get a better framerate when recording a LIV mixed reality video, turn the Graphics Quality to the minimum  (click the gear button on the pillar behind you, then 3rd knob from the left).

- Special options are available in the Settings of the game when you are using LIV (click the gear button on the pillar behind you) to let you:

1) Toggle your Furball head visibility

2) Reorient the game

- A camera will be shown in the game to show you where the real and virtual cameras are. A holographic version of this camera will be shown before you teleport, to preview where the camera will be after the teleportation.

- Can't pass a level? Join the Discord (link below) and contact the dev team. We'll tell you a secret that will let you skip those hard levels ;)

Join the VR Furballs Discord for more info:

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